Visit at the Fingerdex Store

Right now i am on a 8 month long journey acros South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. At the end of August i had the chance to visit the Fingerdex Store in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was happy to hear they were having a session at the same day i wanted to visit, unfortunately i learned later that it was their closing session..
Nonetheless the session had a great vibe, everybody was enjoying themselves and it really felt like a united scene, people coming together and experiencing fingerboarding together.
I am glad i had the opportunity to visit the store on its last day, glad to meet so many kind people and glad i was able to share this feeling of a tight scene between a group of friends.

BOCA - International Fingerboard Championships Pictures

BOCA is over and it was a great contest! For everyone who missed it, Manu Oberle took fantastic pictures and was kind enough to upload them here:

Go to this Event!

Lowpro´s BoCa International Fingerboard Championship Museu Nacional dos Coches 22nd of April Lisbon, Portugal

Prete 6010

New Shape: Prete 6010 It is time for a new shape! Slightly higher concave and a smaller wheelbase compared to the 6009R2 shape are the main features of the new mold. Combined with new wood print graphics by baggelboy, laser etched logo and a carbon middle ply, the 6010 will be the best, most progressive Prete decks yet!We are hyped, more news soon!

Stuttgart Fb Session

Stuttgart Session with Nico, Valentin, Jan, Fabian and Peter

Santa Claus Fingerboarding

Gonzalo kills it on the skateboard, then shows that he has some amazing tricks up his sleeves with the fingerboard also! Don't miss it, keep the christmas spirit alive :)!